New Dual Extension Arm Offers Easy Mounting Options and Extended Travel Distance

April 13, 2020 Rachel Pilgren-Kane

Southco has added to its AV Display Mount offering with new solutions for height adjustment and mounting. The AV-D32 Height Adjusting Arm (W-Series) allows the height of a monitor or display to be precisely adjusted according to end user preferences, enabling intuitive positioning without the need for additional locking mechanisms to hold it in place.

The newest addition to Southco’s AV Arm Series offers increased reach for applications that require extended length and travel, as well as positional stability. Available with two tilt torque options, constant tilt torque or counterbalanced tilt torque, the W Series arm offers design flexibility to suit the unique needs of a variety of display positioning applications.

AV-D32 and AV-D40  Series display arms are designed with a rigid base that can withstand vibration, touch forces and heavy loads, keeping larger screens and monitors still once they have been moved into the desired position. Additionally, the flexible design allows it to be folded flush against the wall when not in use.

Southco’s new AV-D32 and AV-D40 Display Mount families also include new mounting options that allow a single person to install the display mounts to poles or DIN rails without the need for additional tools. The display assembly can be just as easily removed from the pole or rail, while a unique two stage, press-then-rotate mechanism prevents accidental release.

The new additions to Southco’s AV Series allow us to deliver stable positioning performance in a broad range of applications including medical and industrial equipment. They eliminate the need for constant maintenance and readjustment, enable effortless fingertip positioning and boast a tested, repeatable cycle life validated for 20k cycles of operation.

To learn more about our line of position control hinge solutions, visit Southco’s Positioning Technology Resource Center.

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