Southco EA-BT BLUETOOTH® Controller Earns 2018 Money-Saving Product Award

June 14, 2018 Rachel Pilgren-Kane

Southco is proud to announce that BUILDINGS magazine has selected Southco’s EA-BT BLUETOOTH® Controller as a 2018 Money-Saving Product winner. This product is a member of an elite group of 67 products showcased in the June 2018 issue of BUILDINGS.

Finalists were evaluated by the BUILDINGS editorial staff for the money-saving qualities they offer to building owners and facility managers in areas such as energy efficiency, water savings and maintenance. BUILDINGS Media ( serves more than 74,000 commercial building owners and facility managers in North America. Its magazine, newsletters and website provide information that helps subscribers and users make smarter decisions about managing, operating and renovating their facilities.

The EA-BT BLUETOOTH® Controller provides wireless control and monitoring of intelligent locks without having to physically connect to a network, or install, manage and maintain software. When combined with any of Southco’s intelligent electronic locking solutions, the BLUETOOTH® Controller provides a completely concealed physical security solution using BLUETOOTH® LE for user access, and a remote web portal for credential management and audit trail monitoring.

The system features multi-level encryption, simple set up and installation, and the ability to communicate with a smartphone from 30 feet away. When combined with the EA-BT BLUETOOTH® Controller, intelligent, concealed electronic locks can protect and secure valuable information and assets with a digital record of access, which can be used to demonstrate compliance with regulations such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).

Virtual keys can be assigned and managed with the VIZpin® application, which provides a secure, cloud-based platform for remote management of user access to Southco’s EA-BT BLUETOOTH® Controller. Time-based virtual keys can be sent wirelessly to a free downloaded smartphone application via the cloud-based web portal. When logged into the secure web portal the admin can add or delete electronic keys in real time, granting access to authorized users – and only during a specified time frame. 


“Southco’s BLUETOOTH® Lock Controller provides a cost effective solution for remotely controlling and monitoring physical access wirelessly, without the need for software or a physical network connection,” said Steve Spatig, Electronic Access Solutions General Manager, Southco, Inc. “With our new BLUETOOTH® Controller, access can be issued to individuals in real time, from anywhere in the world, with a simple web-based application and any BLUETOOTH® enabled smartphone.”

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