Stainless Steel Rotary Latches Provide High Corrosion Resistance

August 31, 2018 Rachel Pilgren-Kane

Southco has expanded its line of rotary latches with a stainless steel version of the R4-20 Rotary Latch, which is designed with high corrosion-resistance for demanding Marine and Off-Highway applications. The latest addition to our R4 Rotary Latch series is more suitable to highly corrosive environments than comparable products in hardened steel.

Southco’s stainless steel R4-20 Rotary Latch features a compact, durable design that provides minimal protrusion within door applications. This versatile rotary latch series is also available with single or two-stage latching, ensuring secure latching at low closing forces. Southco’s R4-20 series offers superior latch to striker mating tolerances, making it suitable for flexible panel applications with inherent misalignment concerns.

When combined with Southco’s line of AC Actuators and Cables, R4-20 Rotary Latches provide a complete solution for access panels, hoods and doors on Off-Highway and Marine vehicles, as well as access panels on Self-Service and Industrial Equipment that are exposed to the elements.

To learn more about our Rotary Latching Solutions, download Southco’s R4 Rotary Latching Guide.

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