Southco Sponsors Award Winning PSU Capstone Project

May 21, 2019 Rachel Pilgren-Kane


Congratulations to our Penn State University (PSU) team on their award-winning capstone project, which recently earned the Best Engineering Design and People’s Choice Awards. The students, who are enrolled in PSU’s Multidisciplinary Engineering Design (MDE) program completed a capstone project for Southco to automate part of the production process for our 07 Draw Latch series as part of their course work. The 07 series features a living hinge that must be bent while warm from the press in order to establish the hinge crease without cracking the plastic.

Previously, this task was performed manually, which was not only tedious, but also an ergonomic safety risk. To alleviate these issues, the PSU team built a machine which flexes the latches after they are unloaded from the molding machine using robotics and pneumatics. The core design can be easily changed to flex other latches in the 07 series, and Southco expects to build more machines for the other latch variants thanks to the design work completed by the students. 

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