Next Generation Display Mounts for Precise Position Control

November 5, 2014 Rachel Pilgren

Southco AV-D32 Series Dual Arm


Southco has expanded its AV Display Mount offering with three new models that provide enhanced functionality and design flexibility. The AV-D32 Series includes a next generation Tilt and Swivel Mount (K Series), a Tilt, Swivel and Single Swing Arm (A Series), and a Tilt, Swivel and Dual Swing Arm (A Series) designed with Southco integrated Positioning Technology for precise control and customization of operation.

AV-D32 Series Display Mounts offer the same validated cycle life and display mounting capabilities as Southco’s first generation mounts in an economical, streamlined package. Each model in the AV-D32 Series is available with wall or tabletop mounting, and features integrated wire management channels and a simplified design with minimal joints for easy cleaning.

The AV-D32 Series incorporates Southco Positioning Technology into each joint, creating unmatched control over the motion of the display. These next generation Display Mounts provide a reliable, off-the-shelf solution for mounting displays in challenging environments where vibration and touchscreen forces may impact operation.

Southco’s complete line of Display Mounting solutions eliminates the need for constant maintenance and readjustment, enables effortless fingertip positioning and boasts a tested, repeatable cycle life validated for 20k cycles of operation. Southco’s AV Series provides reliability and proven tilt positioning while holding displays securely in place during touchscreen operation, under vibration, or when devices are mounted on uneven surfaces.

To learn more about Southco’s line of Display Mounts, visit our Positioning Technology microsite and download our brochure.

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