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INNOVATIVE & INTELLIGENT HARDWARE SOLUTIONS The difference in aviation comfort, safety and security DZUS ® Quick Access Fasteners: • Under-seat electrical boxes • Cockpit instruments • Avionic panels • Lighting fixtures • HVAC Positioning Hinges: • Cockpit display units Secure Latching Solutions: • Galley equipment • Secure access panels DZUS ® Quick Access Fasteners: • Lighting fixtures Multi-Point Latching: • Galley equipment and monuments DZUS ® Quick Access Fasteners: • Lighting fixtures Multi-Point Latching: • Mirror fittings • Door fittings • Vanity cabinets Secure Latching Solutions: • Overhead storage bins • Retracting tray tables • Pocket door latching • Oxygen mask release systems • Secure storage areas DZUS ® Quick Access Fasteners: • IFE electronic boxes • Lighting fixtures Positioning Hinges for Aircraft Seating: • Headrests • IFE displays • Food trays • Arm rests Multi-Point Latching: • Overhead storage bins Multi-Point Latching Systems accommodate door misalignment to prevent the risk of false latching with: • Pawl engagement that provides secure latching in dynamic environments • Redundant latching for enhanced safety and security • Actuation styles available in push-button, lift-paddle and side-pull • Aluminum rods and pawl tips for design flexibility and reduced tooling investment • FST compliant materials Ergonomic Hinges and Display Mounts designed with pre-engineered constant torque technology to improve passenger ergonomics and usability: • Support a display screen or table when it must remain stationary, yet allows it to be easily adjusted in multiple directions and angles with one hand • Able to withstand vibration and inertial loading that may result while the aircraft is in operation • One-handed operation allows simple one-touch positioning of panels, displays and tray tables • Reliable, repeatable cycle life that eliminates the need for service or adjustment during operation DZUS ® Quick Access Fasteners provide convenient mounting and easy maintenance by: • Minimizing assembly and maintenance time • Preventing noise and rattle during high vibration dynamic applications • Satisfying a variety of mounting configurations and applications with numerous sizes and styles • Providing hand operable and tool controlled access options PRODUCT FEATURES & BENEFITS Secure Latching Solutions networked into a plane's control system to secure various interior applications: • Allow flight crew to remotely control passenger access to overhead luggage bins or lavatories • Keep access points secure during take-off, taxi and landing, or turbulence • Protect access to lifesaving devices like oxygen masks, and keep them securely locked in place • Provide space and power reduction capabilities to aid in operational footprint reduction • Comply with DO-160 with optional adaptor PRODUCT SOLUTIONS FOR AIRCRAFT INTERIORS CABIN GALLEY COCKPIT LAVATORY

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